About us


We are a small family-oriented church located just south and west of Garrett on county road 7.  Our worship is informal, our adult Sunday School is multi-generational and our youth group includes youth from 7th through 12th grades.  Pastor Brad Hardesty is only at the church on Sunday mornings, but is on-call the rest of the time.  Various members of the congregation attend to pastoral care during the week.  


We are affiliated with Church of the Brethren, whose headquarters are in Elgin, IL.  The Church of the Brethren is an historic peace church with roots in the Anabaptist-Pietist movement of 18th century Germany.  We are known for our Disaster Relief Ministry that travels around the United States helping to rebuild homes damaged in natural disasters.  


Our other ministries include: Brethren Voluntary Service, Youth Peace Travel Team and Outdoor Ministries Association.  Our association with Church World Service and Heifer International allow us to reach out to people in need both in the United States and around the world.

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